Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jolly Good?

Ain't it odd to see Hollywood, Bollywood and Hong Kong celebrities in most of our tv commercials these days? What has happened to our local faces? Maybe we Malaysians believe that the word 'local' means bad in terms of quality, as I recall from my younger days...
Every single programme on the television will at least reveal one commercial which depicts faces which are not 'local'. Eventhough some commercials do use local faces, but still they are pan-Asians. Where have all the 'sawo matang' Malaysians gone to? Is it because they are 'locals'? Do all local 'products' have no quality and cant't make it BIG?
What is this mentality? What has the government been doing? Maybe in the next few years all local tv movies and dramas will use foreign actors and actresses. Well... Jolly good!

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