Friday, April 3, 2009

National Television: Inappropriacy and Lunacy

What is it with the national television these days? Are they all going out their mind? All tv stations, free and cable-based, are doing nothing for the betterment of the viewers' minds. Everyday (Yes, I mean everyday!), we are served with a variety of dramas and films which repeatedly project horror as the main and solitary theme. Today, Malay horror dramas are even being aired during primetime. It is as though horror has become a main issue in our country. Perhaps that is why the television is also known an 'idiot box'.
Then there's the reality shows. I can dauntlessly claim that 98.5% of the contestants are young Malay teens. Reality shows are getting stupider and stupider by each passing days. The contestants are yet much dumber. It is as though our nation is in dying need of SINGERS. But, in the end, after the contests, these kids are not even involved in singing. The become actors, hosts, 'jokers', etc. Some runner-ups are even not offered recording contracts! Stooopid eh?... That is what people mean by the term 'idiot box'. Get it?

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